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Applications for the 2012 school year are now open. Please contact the school for details.


ビーンストークインターナショナル プリスクールは、バイリンガルを目指す2歳から6歳までのお子さまを、愛情溢れる安全な環境の中、指導育成する完全英語の保育施設です

私どもは、2007 年4月緑多く残る名古屋市東部の文教地区天白区元植田に開校し、現在では多くのお子さまが楽しく、そして健全なスクールライフを送っています。 全米各地の幼稚園で親しまれ実績のあるZoo-phonicsメソッドを 中心とした英語学習は、言語形成期のお子さまに驚く程効果があり、確実に英語力を高めます。その目に見える成果の実感は、お子さまのやる気と根気を育て、楽しく長く続けられる事が実証されています

International pre-school in Nagoya

Beanstalk International School's Preschool Program provides a warm, supportive learning environment conducted entirely in English for students from the ages of two to six years old. We are the only international preschool in Nagoya that offers the innovative Zoo-Phonics language arts program.

Our school first opened its doors in April 2007. We are located in the Motoueda section of eastern Nagoya's Tempaku district, an area known for it's many high quality educational institutions. Since opening, our school has enjoyed a continually growing enrollment, and we currently host a number of students leading fun, enriching school lives with us.

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2011 17th Annual Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice For the Classroom Award!

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