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Our school's instructors are dedicated to providing complete support to their students, working hard to promote balanced development that considers their well being from all aspects, academically, physically and emotionally. With these goals in mind, our curriculum is founded upon the following four elements.

  1. English Education through Zoo-Phonics, Effective Phonics Program.
    At Beanstalk, all activities are conducted in English. From the time students enter the school, they are immersed in an all-English environment, in which they learn to utilize English as a natural tool, simulating as closely as possible the manner in which native speakers acquire the language. However, our curriculum also goes beyond listening and speaking to include instruction in basic reading and writing, though the highly effective phonics program, Zoo-Phonics. Zoo-Phonics provides a balanced, systematic approach to English language acquisition that will serve as a foundation for further study.
  2. Fundamental Mathematic Concepts Through Hands-On Experience
    Many schools in Japan offer mathematic courses that focus on simple rote memorization and speed. At Beanstalk, we believe that it is more important that students at this stage become familiar and comfortable with fundamental mathematic concepts, such as shapes, measurements, numerical relations and basic arithmetic through the use of fun, engaging hand-on activities.
  3. World-Class Music Instruction.
    The question, “What instrument do you play?” is one commonly asked abroad. Being skilled with an instrument, and having a deep interest in music, enriches a student's life and broadens his or her horizons. As students grow older, they will find that music offers a useful way to connect with people across cultures and languages. With these benefits in mind, our school offers high quality music instruction. We feature a world-class percussionist as a guest instructor who teaches students the basics of music. Students learn through practice, and look forward to showing their parents the skills they've developed in one of our seasonal concerts.
  4. Physical Education in our Indoor Gym.
    Physical education programs must match with the level of a child's physical development. With this consideration, our school offers gym courses tailored to various steps of development, supervised by certified physical education specialists. These classes help students develop their physical strength, balance and capacity for exercise. As most of our students will continue on to Japan's mandated physical education curriculum, our gym classes are the sole activity at our school conducted in Japanese.

Through these four elements, our students come to understand the joy of learning, the desire and perseverance to solve problems, and curiosity for the world around them. Also our programs are well suited for children from both native and Non-native English speaking backgrounds.

●Extracurricular Activities: After-school calligraphy and karate lessons are also offered.

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2011 17th Annual Learning Magazine Teachers' Choice For the Classroom Award!
We are proud to announce that Zoo Phonics won the Learning Magazine 2011 Teachers' Choice Award!
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